Pioneer College offers English as a Second Language (ESL) Certificate Program including general English and IELTS preparation courses.

Program Name
English as a Second Language (ESL) Certificate

Program Brief Description
The Program is designed to develop students' understanding of English language usage who takes English as a Second Language. This program is also designed to prepare students for IELTS examination.

Program Prerequisite
Applicants must meet all minimum admission requirements to be considered for admission to Pioneer College; the minimum admission requirement cannot be waived by Pioneer College or by the applicant under any circumstances. Admission Requirements at Pioneer College:
  1. General Admission Requirements:
    • Valid passport and student visa/study permit for international students
    • Valid photo ID for domestic students
  2. Must be 15 years of age or older
Entrance Placement Test Score
ESL Placement test scores range from 0-100, which helps students to put at different level.

Required Textbooks
The textbook required depends on the level that a student at different level from Ventures Basic to 6 and Transitions/LEAP, IELTS.

Equipment Required for this Program
Access to the Internet

Grading in Program
All grading in this program are marked as percentage in specific areas as per grading policy. No IELTS replica score is awarded in any level/part or section/course. Program Duration
25 hours a week (250 hours per course); anywhere from 2 weeks to 48 weeks. Homework Hours
A student is expected a minimum of 1 to 3 hours of assigned reading and homework each night. This will be assigned by the course instructor and is in addition to the classroom component to add an accountability schedule.

Delivery Methods
On-site delivery (Instructor Led)

Instructional Methods
Instructor-led classroom direct teaching, case studies, cooperative learning, discussions, field trips, guest speakers, lectures, presentations, role playing, site evaluations and inspections, and videos sourced from Youtube upon permission from publishers. There are 250 hours teaching and tutorial for each course.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes
Upon completion of this Program, the successful student will be able to demonstrate competency in English language or pass IELTS exam.

Student Progress/ Assessment Methods
  • Attendance and Participation : 10%
  • Assignments : 15%
  • Quizzes : 15%
  • Group Project/Presentation : 30%
  • Final Exam : 30%
  • Passing grade for the courses : 65%

Attendance Expectations
All students are expected to adhere to Pioneer College policies and procedures. Additional information will be provided by the instructor at the beginning of each course. Minimum requirement for attendance is 50%; we expect that students take class with more than 90% of attendance.

Dress Expectations
As per the college policies and procedures, professional attire and dress code is recommended.

Graduation Requirements
Must achieve 65% grades along with minimum attendance requirement

Program Organization
Student can choose among any of these courses in order to meet required expectations:

English Foundation Program
  • Ventures Basics (VEN 000) : 250 hours
  • Ventures One (VEN 101) : 250 hours
  • Ventures Two (VEN 201) : 250 hours
  • Ventures Three (VEN 301) : 250 hours
  • Ventures Four (VEN 401) : 250 hours

Intermediate Academic English
  • Ventures Five (VEN 501) : 250 hours
  • Ventures Six (VEN 601) : 250 hours
  • LEAP (Learning English for Academic Purposes) : 250 hours
  • IELTS 101: 250 hours

All Pioneer College's instructors have Minimum Instructor Qualifications required by Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB): Bachelor's Degree and a TESL supplemented by 24 months of full-time language instruction or 10 years of demonstrated full-time occupational experience in language instruction. Pioneer College's dynamic and dedicated instructors will help you to achieve your goals in learning the English language.

Program Duration
Program duration in weeks (2-48 weeks) and hours are variable, such as, duration in weeks varies from 2 to 48 weeks.

Program Costs
Program Costs in Canadian Dollors are same for domestic and international students.

Tuition Fee (Variable):
  • $1,320.00 per 4 weeks
  • $2,400.00 per 8 weeks
  • $5,000.00 per 12 weeks
  • $6,700.00 per 24 weeks
  • $12,600.00 per 48 weeks
  • Registration Fee: $100
  • Textbooks: $30
  • Materials/Supplies: $5 each week